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Amity Press is situated in Nanjing and since it’s inception has printed over 80 million Bibles including Braille versions.  Using it’s special presses for Bible paper it  prints approximately 25% of the worlds Bibles.  The director is Mr. Li Chunong, the General Manager is Mr. Ricky Chu and the trip co-ordinator/interpreter is Miss Dandan Zhang.

There are approximately 70 distribution centres and in 2010 5 medic vans were added to the fleet thus providing medical help in addition to Bibles.  Recently copies of pictorial Bibles were made available to children in Henan province and have proved a great success enabling the children to more easily understand Bible stories and help them in their study of English because of the dual-language subtitles.

£2 provides paper for 3 Bibles and to date our young people have collected enough for the paper for well over 500 Bibles!