Andy was working for 6 years on the staff of All Saints with Holy Trinity Wandsworth while studying for his PhD on Prophesy in the New Testament.  He has a passion for expository Biblical preaching.  He is now using his teaching and preaching skills with iServe Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya, whose director is Rev. Harrison Mungai.  This organisation seeks to improve the Biblical knowledge of pastors and lay people from many parts of Africa and also help them to develop skills in biblical preaching.

Nairobiis the capitol of Kenya situated at an altitude of 6,000 ft.  Andy lives there with Susie and their 3 children.  Bethan (Borm 9th September 2007), Jacob (Born 3rd April 2009) and Hannah (Born 2nd January 2011).  Susie is a teacher and has home schooled a missionary family in Mozambique.  However she is now concentrating on caring for Andy and being mother to their young children.

Picture of the Harker Family