Services at Holy Trinity

Our worship style varies from service to service

Early mornings are traditional using the Book of Common prayer, the mid morning worship is relaxed vibrant and celebratory in style. The evening service is generally more prayerful and reflective.

Whatever the style of service every event  has the same purpose and aims. We want to give glory to God the Father, through Jesus the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. In this our aim is to enable every worshipper to encounter the presence of God through word, song, prayer, and sacrament. We try to be creative in its use of liturgy, drawing on both the riches of tradition and the innovation of contemporary expressions of faith.

We think it is important to express God’s concern for the world wide Church as well for the life of Holy Trinity and in doing that we bring before God issues of daily life, issues that affect our neighbourhood, and issues of international affairs so that, informed by God’s Word and Spirit, our faith may shape our lives and attitudes.

In making our worship meaningful we want to enable every worshipper to find ways of living the Christian life in practical daily living.